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June 07, 2011


High unemployment means that consumers have less income to spend. People are less willing to buy, resulting in less sales leading to less profit for a large business. :(

Its a global economy, and as soon as India, and China's wages get higher then maybe the U.S. economy will get better. I'm out there networking all the time and most people I meet are consultants of some sort... Is that what we've become. Don't we make anything anymore? Don't we invent or create. And the kids that are growing up nowadays don't want to get their hands dirty, they major in business and want jobs that start out at 50k... Rubbish!

- Bob cheeRIOS

Hi Michael,

I'm so sorry for the tough times that you're currently experiencing but I have to agree with the post and Ira on the fact that the economy has been changing its human capital requirements and the labor pool has yet to react. It's not propaganda to try and convince the majority that outsourcing is necessary. Outsourcing IS necessary in a lot of different situations and frankly, the objective of a corporation's existence is to serve its shareholders by making profit. I see the gap between required skills and current skills every day in my work. We need to adjust!! My 2 cents.


Michael - thank you for your comments. Yes it's true that some employers have chosen outsourcing and skirting laws. But other employers are simply working smarter with less people. And still others are employable like you but can't relocate were the jobs are. I can't comment on your personal situation but if you do have the skills required and not 13 years of work experience, opportunities are opening up. Tacit knowledge which you seem to understand involves a lot more than just showing up for work day after day. Good luck with your search.

This is not entirely true. All these skills that you say Americans do not have in abundance - I possess them. I have been a technical communicator for 13 years. My job is all about tacit knowledge. I have been out of work now for 4 months. I have never been out of work that long. I don't believe I am alone in this. There are thousands of skilled workers like me who do not have work now. These statements are made by companies to justify outsourcing our work and skirting laws that are supposed to protect our people from foreign scabs.

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