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April 10, 2011


Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

I enjoyed your article. You provide a balanced view which is supported by a number of examples of organizations from a range of industries, all successfully using a variety of forms of social media as part of their graduate recruitment offering.

I am not sure whether organizations that would benefit most from your advice will come across your article online, especially via a page such as Mashable. I guess there is an assumption that organizations will recognize and acknowledge the need to improve in this area however this may not be the case. I also thought that the simple “5 tips” could put off potential businesses as this could come across as too simple and condescending, however acknowledge that this format is common to social media commentary.

The language used in your article is considerably impartial so while the topic addresses organizations, your comments could equally beneficial for students. While the information may not be picked up on by organizations, your tips will go a long way to advocate students in the recruitment process.


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