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December 01, 2010


Social media marketing is certainly a powerful marketing tool. This marketing strategy has been evolved since long time and has also proven its effectiveness. This will help in getting more links for your website.

I'm concerned about an aspect of this social media world. The very same social media opportunity that you used to resolve a real, and serious issue is also used much too often to vent without knowing the facts. I use the internet to check out those I may do business with and find that there are many posts which seem to be people just venting, or worse. Your example of Toyota is illustrative. While Toyota was admittedly slow in responding in this instantaneous world, what doesn't seem to get nearly as much internet exposure is that subsequent government investigation revealed that almost all of the cases studied showed driver fault with no evidence of brake pedal application. I'm a Toyota owner and am quite pleased with the service I received. But I was a little surprised recently to receive a recall that basically said if I hadn't followed the instructions in the owners manual, and ignored the warning lights in the car, I could have a problem. Therefore they were going to repair the damage I might have caused. That doesn't seem like good business.

Social media is definitely a two-edged sword. I don't know what to do about that other than continue to preach that people must be careful what they read and consider it critically.

Bob Mason
RLM Planning and Leadership

The consumer-retailer balance has shifted so dramatically since the inception of social media. Active social media advocates have become ideal marketing fodder for organisations, as they can provide objective opinions to an audience that often the company can't reach. Equally, negative word-of-mouth moves fast online and can really damage an organisation's online profile. Online opinion moves like ripples over the surface of a pond. If you can set it in motion effectively, it can work wonders. Equally, if its negative, it's very hard to rectify. It looks like Hard Rock did a really good job with you guys. Lucky for them that it was contained case concerning an individual party and not a lot of people.

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