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September 05, 2010


@Karla - I couldn't agree more. I've written several posts and articles regarding the loss of jobs that will never be back. In addition there's a gap between the skills that people have and those that are required. This is a link to one of the posts but you'll find several others on the Workforce Trends Blog.

Thanks for your comments...

How many companies do we hear complaining they can't get their work done? Sorry, someone will have to speak more loudly, I barely hear a rumble..

Daily innovations in technology, lean strategies, budget cuts and mother as the necessity of invention to survive in difficult economic times have given "less is more" a strict meaning. These jobs largely aren't coming back and teaching everyone downsized how to weather strip a house through workforce investment act funds isn't the answer. Anyone looking at recareering, entering or re-entering the workforce only needs to look at the 2008-2018 DOL projections for high demand occupations/fastest growing occupations. They are clearly two different lists with different requirements for training and clearly different ranges in salary - however, they both offer solid direction. Understanding which industries are dead, stuck or growing in the area one lives or wants to live in should also be elemental to one's choices.

Clearly, this is very difficult for millions of people but looking to the future, combining one's professional aspirations with reality is a fundamental key to family sustaining wages http://www.bls.gov/oco/oco2003.htm.

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