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August 31, 2010


Because the income of a new & small business is very limited, the need of find the perfect worker, who will do what needed, and for the right price, is important, you cant hire big boob blond as secretary while you need to pay 10 more employees who actually do something.

All over the country, employers who seek the system they get are a small minority and I think they are more likely to stop working when the dust settles.

Finding skilled workers is a big advantage for the business. Through it, they could secure that every workers does have a capability to handle the position the will going to assign on them.

It is really hard to find skilled workers, especially now that the competition is high and you would not want to compromise anything. Just keep in mind that patience is a virtue. It's alright to wait and screen workers tightly coz they are the life blood of the business.

Small business have like small capital, they need to invest more on skilled workers, but for short period of time only. It;s gonna cost them alot.

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