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August 01, 2010


It was such a pleasure reading it. I have bookmarked it and I will show it to my friend, she is a huge fan of this subject.

Like a lot of information you get from 'statistics" and "news" there is a lot more to the story that many people NOT unemployed or NOT FRIENDS with the unemployed just don't know about.

Many positions remain unfilled because companies have realized that they make a lot more $ (in the short term) by NOT hiring people and just making their current people work more. of course, as soon as the economy shifts to + there will be a huge departure of people who have no loyalty to their current companies AT ALL.

I know people with advanced degrees and loads of great experience who are turned away and rejected from jobs because the company wants a younger, less experienced (cheaper!) worker...which is fine...that's their right...but the problem is that they're willing to go with the less experienced worker and suffer from some bad decisions, management problems, loss of sales, etc...instead of paying a little more and getting someone who won't screw up as much.

Companies today (many of them) are not looking for perfect or good candidates..they're just looking for someone "good enough" at a cheap rate. They're not looking for someone to do a good job, just a "good enough" job. People who have been working hard, perfecting their skills or craft are left out in the cold.
Being really good at what you do is no longer valued in today's society...unless you need a heart transplant!

It's not that experienced people are getting offers and then refusing them....the company just doesn't even bother giving an offer. I'm in the employment arena and know hundreds of people who CERTAINLY WOULD take a massive pay cut JUST TO HAVE A JOB AGAIN and meet their family's financial obligations..but they're not even given the CHANCE because they never even GET the low-ball offer that the company ends up giving to someone with less experience.

It's infuriating to witness this over and over.

THEN...when they apply for jobs that are well below their skills/experience...they're not given the time of day...often being told "as soon as you get a better offer we know you'll leave so we're not going to consider you any further."

what a kick in the gut.

These people can't win.

After years of being told to do a good job and learn and progress in your career...seems like it's not paying off like it should.

Nice blog as for me. I'd like to read a bit more about this topic. Thanks for posting this information.

It was such a pleasure reading it. I have bookmarked it and I will show it to my friend, she is a huge fan of this subject.

I would like to thank you for the efforts you've made in writing this posting. I'm hoping the same very best function from you inside future too.

Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.

If you want to see the mind blowing article with real facts and figures, this has really tremendous impacts on readers.

GRE Thank you for your comments. I understand your frustration. Some employers may be posting jobs just to test the market or asking for qualifications well beyond realism. But I can also tell you from recent experience, that real jobs exist and candidates aren't applying either. I just posted a sales job for a client. A good position requiring minimal experience with a nice comp package and a nice company to work for. We received 26 responses from CareerBuilder, Craig's List and Facebook. Where are the 15 million unemployed who are willing to work? The biggest problem we must overcome is an entitlement attitude on part of some employers and some unemployed. Not all employers are bad and not all the unemployed are good.

I dont understand this...there are 4 million jobs posted, this is since last 6 months...companies post these jobs but never do hiring...? If 4 million jobs are posted, that means if jobs get filled, unemployment would drop dratically down...! Why companies post jobs when they have no intention of hiring....

Other thing...they cant find skilled workforce? Well I have seen job posting which is a fresher position like Assit Project engineer ( which are meant for fresh graduates) and they list skills as " Need to have 10 yrs of experience"... Companies dont want to post the correct skill set and complain about not finding workers!

I certainly agree with the official jobs description effectively work because entitled the role of the employer discuss briefly about the key responsibilities.

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