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May 14, 2009


Well, he kind of liked to be called that but the Baby Boom generation lasted until 1964 and arguably aspects of it carried on for those of us born slightly later and saddled with that silly "X" moniker. So he was the tail end of the baby boom....

Nice article. A bit on the light side but gets at some key differences. I'd trade a lot about today's world (not everthing) for the 1950s.

I agree with you about the two waves of Boomers. But I don't agree with your Big Band and Jack Benny reference. I'm 58 years old and very much remember watching Jack Benny (and Rochester) on TV. I certainly wasn't a big band fan in my childhood but the music was certainly played. So for the even older Boomers, Big Band and Benny may even be more relevant.

Big Bands! Jack Benny! no way is she 60 years old or a Baby Boomer.

Sounds more like the Silent Generation so try 70 years old and you might get closer.

Also remember that there were two waves of Baby Boomers - those born immediately post WWII and remember rock 'n' roll, and then a second batch in the mid 50s weaned on the Beatles.

As a "boomer" myself, I was thinking the other day about how poorly we fared in national politics as Clinton and "43" are our only "boomer" presidents.

obama is our first post-boomer prez.

so much for our changing the world.

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